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Internet applications

Most our time these days is spent making things happen on the web. As programmers, we're comfortable working with web technologies and can quickly see how a particular idea or requirement can be made a reality.

Strainge is able to supply complete websites designed to your specification or work with your existing web design team to do the 'difficult' or 'boring' technical bits that they can't manage or don't want to get involved with.

We can help with existing applications or scripts. We can update, patch, port, fix or enhance them or take them round the back and quietly dispose of them if that's the kindest thing to do, replacing them with more manageable and capable alternatives.

We're able to work with most products and technologies but our general preference is for Linux servers running Apache with back-end applications written in C or Python, building on tools such as MySQL, ImageMagick and Ghostscript. It may not be the latest fashion but it produces solid, reliable and long-lived solutions.

We're happy to discuss any web project, large or small. Not every business is an Amazon or eBay and many small business websites really need a few well designed and implemented scripts rather than full-blown applications to make a real and profitable difference to their operation.

It's not practical to everything we might do for you but here are some of the applications and services we have supplied on the web:

  • Banner advertising system
  • Booking systems
  • Calculators and small applications
  • Digital camera image database
  • E-learning and training applications
  • E-Mail groups, mailing lists, chat forums
  • Enquiry, contact and response forms
  • Events listingsand diaries
  • Guestbooks
  • Search and query engines
  • Shopping carts
  • News editor and publisher
  • On-line databases
  • On-line questionnaries and surveys
  • Personal calendar and appointments
  • Document delivery (purchase-and-download)
  • Document retrieval systems
  • RSS news feeds
  • Server monitoring and testing
  • Shared file space
  • Software unlock and trial schemes
  • SMS text messaging system
  • Ticket sales
  • User log-in and access system
  • Visitor counter and statistics

Please get in touch to discuss your project

Shopping basket screenshot

E-commerceOur own shopping cart software lets us create tailor-made e-commerce websites, with product databases or static pages, sales by item, weight or volume, automatic calculation and real-time display of postal and delivery charges and order processing by common payment services or delivered securely to your sales people. We can provide real-time stock control and assistance with order fulfilment such as picking lists and integrated delivery advice and shipping labels.

Archival document retrieval query

Search engines We can quickly provide a search engine-style query feature for your site based on your database(s) or can create calculators and other tools specific to your business or industry of practical help your customers or users or simply as a highly-effective way of encouraging visitors and traffic to your site.

Electronic data capture via custom web application

Data Collection We can set you up to conduct a survey or questionnaire or collect data remotely via the web. You can give each user secure access to their own pages, monitor progress and assist users as they complete their entries and have the results formatted for import into an existing database or collated into a new database as necessary.

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