We're not averse to a bit of fun now and again and have developed over 30 custom Windows screensavers for promotional gifts, incentives and giveaways for various clients along with sundry assorted desktop toys and novelty programs.

Our screensavers are carefully crafted C applications with detailed sprite graphics and complex, unpredicatable behaviour. We can turn a video sequence into a looping screensaver, make a group of pictures into an animated slideshow or spin your company logo but we believe that a good screensaver should have lasting interest and effect and therefore has to be a real program rather than a short-lived canned animation sequence or movie that's the same every time it comes on.

As genuine Windows screensavers, our programs are small and compact for easy download and installation, automatically adapt to different screen and colour resolutions, support normal Windows Control Panel setup and options and don't need add-on or third-party software to work.

We can incorporate quite sophisticated behaviour into the programs, with access to time and date, disk files and network resources. For example, our 1995 Memory Jogger screensaver was the first multi-user network screensaver we'd ever seen. It allowed different users to add their own remarks to a central database from which the saver took its messages and apparently almost paralysed one large London-based firm that complained its employees were wasting hours of time casting aspersions about each other on it. Think about internet links, appointment, sales, performance data, news or other feeds and there's plenty of potential...

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